Plastic Surgery To Treat Bullying?

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Posted April 12, 2022 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

There have been reports in the media recently that plastic surgery is being used as a solution to teenage bullying. Bullying is a topic that’s been discussed publicly quite often lately because of how widespread it’s become and how it can have a heartbreaking effect upon some teens. Now it’s in the media again for a bit of a different reason.

It’s been reported that many of today’s teens are choosing plastic surgery to fix physical attributes that are a cause of bullying. It’s not just the teens making the decisions for themselves either since parental consent is required for minors, so that makes it clear that parents are supporting the decisions.

While there is nothing wrong with teens getting plastic surgery in some circumstances, the fact that it’s being done to prevent future bullying may indicate that it’s not being done for the right reasons. Plastic surgery patients are always encouraged to make the decisions for themselves, and not for anyone else. Allowing peers to influence their decisions could lead to regret down the line. For some teens, it may be that plastic surgery has always been considered, but the bullying becomes the motivation they need. Reputable plastic surgeons will always ensure that patients are happy with the outcome and taking a look at the reasoning is part of the process and this is of utmost importance with teens.

Teen plastic surgery is without a doubt a controversial issue so share your thoughts with us!

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