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PEARL RIVER SKINTYTE AT Reflections Medical by Dr. Michael Fiorillo

If you’re tired of dealing with loose, sagging skin, it’s time to take action. While traditional surgical options such as tummy tucks and facelifts can provide lasting results, they’re not the right choice for everyone. Introducing SkinTyte—a non-invasive, medspa treatment that can give you the same youthful, tight skin without surgery risks and recovery time.

At Reflections Medical by Dr. Michael Fiorillo, our skilled team specializes in non-surgical skin tightening using the latest technology in Pearl River SkinTyte. Using broadband light (BBL) therapy, we can reduce skin laxity and help you achieve a refreshed, youthful appearance.


Laser Energy Skin Tightening

With intense pulsed light (IPL), the SkinTyte laser may treat loose skin on the face, neck, arms, abdomen, hands, back, and legs. The revitalization of your skin directly results from the laser and energy treatments used to tighten those troublesome spots. In addition, the laser device triggers skin cell regeneration for firmer, smoother skin from fast bursts of high-intensity laser light.

Penetrates Deeply


When using SkinTyte Pearl River patients get a method that uses quick bursts of light energy to reach deep layers of skin. As the skin is heated, the light energy triggers the body to increase collagen production. The collagen fibers then contract, resulting in firmer and tighter skin. Treatment time typically lasts around 30 minutes but can vary depending on the number of areas being treated.

Skin Tightening Solutions


The aesthetic specialists at Reflections Medical by Dr. Michael Fiorillo are here to help you find the skin solutions you seek for beautiful, radiant skin. Throughout your private consultation, we will go over the various paths that can be taken to achieve your goals. Your doctor will help you figure out what to do if you need more than one treatment to reach your ideal results. Learn to love your skin again. Don’t wait longer to achieve the tight, smooth skin you’ve always wanted. Book your consultation today to learn more about SkinTyte and how it can benefit you.


Effective, Non-invasive Treatment

SkinTyte employs heat to tighten and firm skin, yet no discomfort is connected with the procedure. To keep you comfortable during the SkinTyte process, a unique cooling pad is applied to the skin’s surface.

There’s no need for a topical anesthetic, which means you may return to regular activities soon after treatment. Your provider glides the BBL laser device over your skin, sending pulses of infrared energy in a succession of rapid bursts of laser pulses and energy. This cycle is carried out several times across the treatment area. Most facial and neck treatments may be finished in around half an hour, although the time needed for treatment might vary greatly depending on the area being treated.

Sensational Skin


The benefits of SkinTyte treatments can sometimes remain visible for up to two years. Of course, what you eat, how much exercise you get, and how well you take care of your skin all play a role in how long you can expect your results to last. Because the sun’s rays can weaken the skin’s framework over time, applying sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF) may help you keep your results for longer.

Firmer, Smoother, Brighter Skin


Keep the affected regions thoroughly moisturized at all times, and stay out of direct sunlight. You should avoid indoor tanning beds for at least seven to fourteen days after the treatment. Due to the treatment, the affected areas are more prone to sunburn and pigmentation changes.



Does a SkinTyte treatment hurt?

Most people report no discomfort using SkinTyte. The laser device will warm your tissue to a comfortable temperature, but you may feel a slight tingling sensation.

How much does SkinTyte cost?

The cost of undergoing SkinTyte’s laser skin tightening process is individual. The total price will depend on the area or areas to be treated, the aesthetic goals to be achieved, and the number of treatment sessions necessary to achieve those goals.

Stock images of models are used throughout this website and should not be interpreted as actual patients of our practice. Individual results may vary.