Summer is Coming – Time to Get Ready at Our Medspa in Pearl River, NY

Spring finally made it, but in a month summer will be here. Maybe you did not get a chance to treat yourself to an extensive makeover or maybe you don’t need one. Maybe all you would like is an annoying fatty area removed or some muscle toning. Or…Read More

Another Addition to Plastic Surgeons’ Arsenal – Emsculpt in Pearl River, NY

Dr. Fiorillo has offered CoolSculpting to freeze fat away for years. The CoolSculpting device addresses the excess fat in the belly, thighs, upper arms and removes the fat cells completely.  But what about the muscles that you cannot get fully defined or the fat that covers that definition…Read More

Bergen Magazine Top Doctors Includes Dr. Fiorillo’s Plastic Surgery in Montvale, NJ

Each year, Bergen Magazine provides a list of top doctors in each field of medical practice.  The survey is conducted by Professional Research Services, a company that specializes in this service, specifically for publications such as Bergen Magazine and other magazines that target specific regions of the United…Read More

New to the Medspa line – Platelet-rich Plasma in Pearl River, NY

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) by Dr. Fiorillo

Dr. Fiorillo is known for staying on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery and treatments. The newest is Platelet-rich Plasma treatments. We have all gone to our doctors to have blood drawn or maybe even given blood for a blood drive or at a blood bank. Imagine instead,…Read More

Fit and Lean with Dr. Fiorillo, Leading Cosmetic Surgeon in Pearl River, NY

Puregraft Fat Transfer

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Fiorillo sees women of all professions and all social statuses for various reasons. Fitness models and bodybuilders often seek him out for liposuction, breast implants and other treatments to enhance their appearance.


The various techniques utilized to enhance tone and showcase a…Read More

Increase confidence and self worth with breast reduction in Pearl River NY

All women develop at different ages. Many young girls are fully developed at an early age and are feel very shy about it, because they don’t want THAT to be the center of attention. They want to be seen as intelligent or skilled in music or art or…Read More

Our Gallery, Seeing is Believing for a Makeover in Pearl River, NY

Have you ever wondered if a cosmetic surgeon could help you with your particular problem?  Do you doubt anyone could fix your problem?  Many, many words can be written and they are, about the great work Dr. Fiorillo does. A lot can be said about Dr. Fiorillo’s expertise…Read More

What Does a Trendy Hotel, Site seeing, Antiquing and Shopping Have To Do with Cosmetic Surgeons in Pearl River NY?

The answer: Dr. Fiorillo and his expert staff. Dr. Fiorillo’s expertise has increased his demand not only from locals who want to improve their appearance, but his reputation is becoming nationally known, as well as internationally. Because of this, he has partnered with the beautiful and trendy Time…Read More

Why Choose Dr. Fiorillo To Be Your Plastic Surgeon in Pearl River NY

Dr. Fiorillo has two decades of experience in plastic surgery & medispa treatment. He is highly respected by the plastic surgery community and the thousands of clients he has cared for.  He is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Pearl River NY and Montvale…Read More

Spring Is Coming – Renew Your Look with Expert Cosmetic Surgeon Pearl River NY

Revanesse Versa

In less than 2 months, all of nature will be preparing to renew its look.  Early spring flower bulbs will already have their sprouts above the ground, just waiting for a few warm days to burst up and flower.  The days get warmer and warmer and we wear…Read More

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