What You Should Know About Breast Augmentation

Woman in bra, measuring breasts

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the shape and size of a woman’s bust by inserting breast implants.

What Is the Purpose of Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation adds volume to a woman’s bust and achieves the desired breast shape…Read More

Minimally Invasive Treatments to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Before and After Tripollar

Achieving a smooth, bright, youthful complexion requires a regular skincare routine and undergoing various treatments to address aging, wrinkles, uneven texture, and other issues. Busy lifestyles, unhealthy diets, and poor stress management can exhaust and age us significantly. Scheduling a trip to our MedSpaRead More

What Happens as I Recover from a Facelift

All time references are generalized and represent the experience of the majority of facelift patients. The first week of recovery is focused on making sure your incisions are kept clean and that you are preventing infection. You will receive a full explanation of all you need to do…Read More

What Should I Do to Prepare for a Body Contouring Treatment?


Whether you choose an intensive all over body contouring surgery, or non-invasive CoolSculpting or Emsculpting, you should be fully prepared, before starting the procedure(s).


First, you should be at your target weight. You cannot use body contouring as a solution to obesity or a means of…Read More

We Wish You A Happy New You


As the new year comes in very soon, people will be making resolutions, usually relating to losing weight, changing diet, exercising more and eating healthier. As long as big changes are being planned, why not plan for a “new you”. There are a great variety of treatments you…Read More

Aesthetic Treatment Trending in 2019

2019 will find a continual rise in interest relating to minimally invasive treatments, increased use of injectable toxins, and more discussions about beauty and our individual aesthetics, relating to our bodies and skin.


  1. Nonsurgical treatments have been rising, as the treatments themselves have been…Read More

Augment, Implant or Lift – Which one?

Women have traditionally thought that the only option for improving their breasts is with implants. However, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is seeing an upsurge in breast lift surgeries, which are sought almost twice as many times that implant surgeries are requested. You may be wondering what…Read More

Mirror, Mirror, Are you Lying?

In the field of cosmetic surgery, all kinds of people come for help. Some arrive with issues about their appearance that can be helped. Some arrive with much deeper issues, seeing things in the mirror that aren’t even there. It’s important as a doctor, to know how to…Read More

Looking Great in the Selfie Age

FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and so on … this is the age where many of you post everything you do, where you are, your hairstyle or color change, new makeup or application technique. And because of that, you want to look good, but some of you…Read More

Treat Yourself to Some Light

In our arsenal of anti-aging procedures, we have incredible treatments that use different forms of light. Under the name BroadBand Light (BBL), the treatments can be customized for your particular concern, from aging to sun damage to various medical concerns such as acne, freckles and age spots, vascular…Read More

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