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Explantation, or Breast Implant Removal, removes breast implants from the body. The removal can take place as an en bloc capsulectomy (implant and scar tissue removed all at once) or in separate pieces. Some patients may want a new shape, style, size, or placement of new breast implants, while others simply want to go back to their natural breast tissue.


Handle Your Symptoms

In some cases, specific diseases or conditions may be the reason a patient wants Breast Implant Removal. Although there is little scientific evidence to support the condition, breast implant illness is the name given to a set of symptoms that some women experience after having a breast augmentation. A breast cancer diagnosis is another reason women may consider having their implants removed. Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is a disease associated with certain textured implants.

You can read more about the recall and the rarity of BIA-ALCL here on this blog. The FDA has provided a complete list of recalled implants and more information about the development of BIA-ALCL. You can see that information by clicking here. If you feel you are experiencing abnormal symptoms after receiving breast augmentation, please schedule a consultation to discuss your side effects and decide what action to take. Dr. Fiorillo has convenient locations in Pearl River, NY, and Englewood Cliffs, NJ. Please call us at (845) 623-6141 to get in touch.



Updated Aesthetics

If you want a change for aesthetic reasons, you can have fresh implants customized to your new style and preferences. You may want to change the size, texture, shape, or placement of the implants to better match your newly preferred appearance.

Reduced Risks

There are many reasons you may be considering the removal of implants. Whether those reasons are something like the development of BIA-ALCL, implant rupture, or breast implant illness, your risks are significantly reduced by removing the breast implants and surrounding scar tissue (capsule).

Corrected Complications

in some cases, there is a rupture, capsular contracture, double bubble, or other concern that comes up. You can correct these issues and enhance your breasts through Breast Implant Removal in Pearl River, with or without replacement.

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The use of anesthesia provides a safe, painless procedure. General anesthesia is most commonly used, but you can discuss your options with Dr. Fiorillo during your consultation.


The breast implants are excised through incisions along the breast. Typically, incisions can be created along the previous incision lines to prevent new scarring. Dr. Fiorillo usually utilizes the inframammary fold incision, which is made along the lower fold of your breasts, where it meets the chest wall. Patients may undergo our Pearl River Breast Implant Removal with or without a breast lift, or they may undergo breast implant exchange (removal and replacement) with or without a breast lift. Each individual will have different goals, concerns, and desires, so discuss your cosmetic goals with your surgeon to determine the best procedure plan for your situation.

Closing The Incisions

After your procedure, the incisions are closed using sutures and surgical tape. Small drainage tubes may be attached to collect any fluids that accumulate while you heal.


Results will vary depending on which procedures you undergo. Breast implant exchange can augment the breasts with new implants. Gummy bear breast implants provide a natural, long-lasting result. A breast lift raises the breasts to a higher position on the chest.

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Common Concerns




Recovery time varies for every patient. Age, weight, and genetics are factors in your healing process. Patients are wrapped in a supportive garment to aid in healing and protect the new body contours. A sports bra may be used to help with chest support. You may experience swelling, bruising, and numbness that should dissipate after one or two weeks. Expect a similar recovery to your initial breast augmentation as a guideline.



When the incisions for Breast Implant Removal can follow the same lines as your initial breast augmentation, no new scars will form. If this strategy cannot be completed, then your surgeon may need to make new incisions based on the extent of revision needed. With advanced technology and surgical techniques, scarring is kept to a minimum and only made as necessary. Most scars fade with time to a lighter color and smoother texture.



The average cost of breast implant removal surgery is approximately $2,600 but can range dramatically depending on the techniques involved, surgical facility fees, anesthesia pricing, additional procedures included, and other factors.



Any pain or discomfort associated with your recovery can be relieved with prescription pain medication. Most patients who rest and relax for the first few days of their recuperation do not experience severe pain.

Breast Implant Removal


Should I get my textured breast implants removed?

Not necessarily. If you are bothered by your breast implants or feel that you are experiencing symptoms, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Fiorillo to discuss these concerns and determine the best plan of action. Removal of the Allergan™ textured implants is only recommended if a problem arises.

Is breast implant removal right for me?

With a Breast Implant Removal Pearl River patients may enjoy its’ benefits if:

  • The appearance of your implants bothers you
  • Your breasts have hardened or tightened
  • You are experiencing pain, discomfort, or any changes in your breasts after they have healed and settled (swelling, rashes, aches, etc.)
  • You think you may have a rupture, leak, or cancer

How long will my results last?

The results of breast procedures are long lasting, and if no new implants are being placed, the outcome is permanent.

When can I go back to work after breast implant removal?

Many patients feel comfortable resuming their daily activities within one week, while others need a little longer to recover. Listen to your body during your recovery, and discuss these concerns with Dr. Fiorillo to ensure a safe, comfortable healing process.

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