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Radiesse in Pearl River, NY

Long-lasting Results

What can RADIESSE do for me?

Once injected, RADIESSE volumizes and lifts facial tissues to reduce the signs of aging. RADIESSE acts as a frame under the skin, providing structure and stimulating the body’s own natural collagen to grow. The production of natural collagen continues for several months after the procedure, making our Pearl River RADIESSE treatment a great choice for long-lasting results.

RADIESSE Pearl River

How is RADIESSE performed?

A Soft and Youthful Appearance

The typical RADIESSE treatment involves cleansing the skin and numbing it with a topical anesthetic. Once the anesthetic has taken full effect, RADIESSE is injected into the skin using very fine needles. The entire procedure lasts only 30 minutes.

RADIESSE dermal filler services have fast gained popularity in New York with plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and patients alike due to the safety of the procedure. By using RADIESSE Pearl River patients can fill and plump up facial tissues, softening their wrinkles and fine lines while giving their face a soft and youthful appearance.

Give Your Face a Natural Glow

What is recovery from RADIESSE like?

After the procedure, patients can immediately resume normal activities while avoiding direct exposure to the sun for a few days. Patients must wear a high SPF sunscreen before stepping out into the sun. Application of ice is advised after the treatment to reduce any redness and swelling. After a few days, the effects of RADIESSE are clearly visible. The skin becomes tighter and plumper, giving the face a natural glow by reducing appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

RADIESSE Pearl River

High Safety Standards

What are the risks of RADIESSE?

RADIESSE is considered very safe by the medical community because it doesn’t harm the tissue, as it is non-toxic. It also has no effect on the human immune system, unlike some other dermal fillers. Besides, the substance remains localized and doesn’t travel to other parts of the body, as has been proved by X-ray tests. Even the FDA has approved RADIESSE after conducting thorough clinical tests and proving the high safety standards of the substance.

RADIESSE Pearl River

"I had bags under my eyes thanks to Austin and Kara their gone! I can take my sunglasses off! Dr. Fiorillo office is the best!"

— C.F.

RADIESSE Pearl River

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