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Celebrities Talk Plastic Surgery: JWoww Vs Kim Kardashian

Posted January 16, 2011 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery

There are two families of thought in Hollywood; those celebrities that openly talk about their plastic surgery, and those that either don't support it or just don't want anyone to know that they've had it done. There's always speculation about which celebs have recently had cosmetic surgery that just won't admit to it, but this time its started a little social media war!

Jersey's Shore JWoww spoke out about the latest rumors that Kim Kardashian has had surgery. Recently, her lips have appeared much plumper, and cosmetic surgery is suspected. Kim, however, has denied that she's had any help and that the flu was responsible for her swollen lips. JWoww wasn't impressed by this denial, as she revealed on Twitter stating: “Funny how stars don't man up to their plastic surgery. I did. Blaming it on colds is just hysterical
“Words of Deena “Get Real” lmao (sic).”

What do you think about the latest social media buzz about celebrity plastic surgery?

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