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What To Expect After A Facelift

Posted May 25, 2021 in Plastic Surgery Tips, by Dr. Fiorillo

Having a facelift will greatly benefit your overall appearance. It is, however, important that individuals recognize that there is a recovery process involved. Facelifts are often offered on an outpatient basis, but that does not eliminate the fact that it is still a surgical procedure.

Recovering from a Facelift

When you are going in to have a facelift, you should expect the following:

  • You will need someone to drive you home from your procedure
  • You will be in pain initially, and should have a prescription from your doctor to take as required
  • You will not be allowed to shower immediately. Typically, you must wait at least 2 days before washing your hair
  • Over the first few days, the swelling in your face may increase
  • After a couple of days of bed rest, you can become active and it is encouraged that you walk daily to boost circulation
  • You will not be able to wear makeup for a couple of weeks. Once you are healed enough to return to work or other activities, you can begin applying makeup again

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