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How to Detect Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Posted June 21, 2011 in Skin Procedures

The public enjoys flipping through magazines and evaluating whether or not the A-list celebrities pictured have had plastic surgery. There are some signs that reputable plastic surgeons can look for to determine whether or not a star has gone under the knife that celebrity-watchers can look for as well.

Plastic Surgery Giveaways

The following signs that can be indicative of plastic surgery are often not positive ones as they should not be visible when a procedure was completed correctly:

  1. A ‘swoosh' – a swoosh in the neck area appears when the skin has just been pulled back horizontally towards the ears. It will not be visible immediately, but will appear later on down the road when a facelift has been done incorrectly.
  2. A ‘blended earlobe ‘ – when a facelift has been done well, the ear lobe should still appear as a separate entity. When a poor cut has been made for a facelift, it will appear as though it's fully attached to the neck.
  3. Nasal pinching – when a nose job has been done poorly, the tip of the nose may appear too pinched. It can be obvious even when you do not know what the individual's nose looked like previously.
  4. Heavily raised eyebrows – too much Botox can leave individuals with overly arched eyebrows that have been described as “joker-like”.
  5. Finding a Quality Plastic Surgeon

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