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Rumor Has It That Casey Anthony Will Use Plastic Surgery to Disappear

Posted July 01, 2011 in Plastic Surgery News

There has been speculation that there will not be sufficient evidence to convict Casey Anthony to serve a life-long prison sentence. This means, at some stage, the alleged murderer will be reintegrating herself into society. There are trial watchers that have been speculating that she may choose plastic surgery so that she won't be recognized as she returns to her life, whenever that may be.

Most plastic surgeons are careful about assessing the motivations of their patients before allowing them to go under the knife. The goal is to ensure that it is being done for the right reasons, and that the patients will not have any future regrets about their decision. As a result, a plastic surgeon may unveil the true motivations of an individual like Anthony – especially if she is visually recognized by the doctor first. As a result, people should have less concern that such drastic facial surgery will take place, so Casey Anthony should not be able to just disappear.

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