Top 5 Tips For Finding The Right Physician

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Posted April 30, 2019 in Plastic Surgery Tips, by Dr. Fiorillo

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the world’s biggest plastic surgery specialty organization, is also one of the most valuable patient resources for those considering cosmetic surgery. Among their many tips, the society also offers several guidelines for choosing a plastic surgeon.

Borrowing from the ASPS, here are 5 Tips for Finding the Right Physician, along with our thoughts on the matter.

Look for a physician who …

  1. “Will explain the procedure(s) thoroughly.” The best plastic surgery patients are informed plastic surgery patients. When you schedule your plastic surgery consultation, make sure your provider is explaining your procedure in detail. Unsure about anything? Ask questions.
  2. “Describes a realistic outcome, not unbelievable results.” Patients with realistic goals going into surgery tend to be the ones with highest satisfaction following surgery. Make sure your surgeon isn’t making any promises that sound too good to be true – they often are!
  3. “Has performed the operation many times.” Patients undergoing say, breast augmentation surgery, want to be sure they’re dealing with someone very familiar with the procedure. Be sure to ask for plastic surgery before and after photos. While these aren’t a guarantee of the results you’ll have, they can give you a good idea of your surgeon’s skill level.
  4. “Outlines the risks as well as the benefits.” It’s important to understand that plastic surgery is just that – surgery. And, as with any surgery, there are risks involved. Make sure your provider is willing to discuss not only the possible benefits of surgery, but the potential complications as well.
  5. “Has been trained in the procedure(s) under consideration.” This tip is speaking to the vital importance of seeking out a qualified plastic surgeon. And, one of the best ways to ensure proper care is to make sure you’re dealing with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. These are doctors who have demonstrated knowledge and experience above and beyond regular medical school.

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