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4 Unexpected Links To Facial Wrinkles

Posted May 07, 2019 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

What causes wrinkles? Well, we all know the biggest culprits – overexposure to the sun, smoking, etc. But, have you ever considered that there could be a few sneakier things aging you prematurely? Could there be a few unexpected environmental and lifestyle factors that are contributing to your facial wrinkles? Want to know more?

Here are 4 things that could be aging you prematurely:

Your anxiety level. Can anxiety really affect your appearance? A new study from Brigham and Women’s Hospital shows, “phobic anxiety is a possible risk factor for accelerated aging.” Just one more reason to take a breather!

Your sugar intake. Too much sugar isn’t good for anyone. Now it seems it might not be good for our skin either. Researchers are looking into the ways that sugar damages our skin’s collagen, a protein that keeps it smooth and wrinkle-free.

Your hairstyle. While it may sound funny, some believe that certain hairstyles can actually protect better against the sun’s damaging UV rays. For instance, bangs may offer some additional SPF to certain women. (Of course, sunscreen is always your best real option.)

Your sleep position. It seems that how you sleep may also affect how you look. Many dermatologists agree that side sleepers and stomach sleepers are at a greater risk for developing wrinkles than those who sleep on their backs.

Today’s Top Wrinkle Treatments

As a plastic surgeon in NYC, I can tell you firsthand that facial wrinkles are one of the most common concerns among patients. Thankfully, modern medicine offers several powerful solutions.

Here are a few of the top wrinkle treatments we offer:

  • BOTOX®: BOTOX leads the pack when it comes to cosmetic injectables. Essentially muscle relaxers, BOTOX works to significantly reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles like crow’s feet and smile lines. Though not a permanent solution, the effects of BOTOX can often last up to several months.
  • Fillers: Fillers – as the name suggests – work to “fill in” facial creases. Because of this, they are particularly well-suited for deep, persistent lines. Popular fillers include Restylane®Perlane® and JUVÉDERM®.
  • Microdermabrasion: If your skin has seen better days, Microdermabrasion might be right for you. Using a stream of fine particles, microderm exfoliates the skin to produce a more youthful appearance.

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