Is Plastic Surgery The Way To Spiritual Satisfaction?

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Posted October 13, 2020 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

Celebrity Heidi Montag is perhaps better known for her seeming addiction to plastic surgery than for anything else. At the age of 23, the already attractive Montag famously underwent a staggering 10 procedures in a single day. But can we consider her quest for bodily perfection to be a spiritual one? A recent article ponders this question.

Suffering for Perfection

While many people consider plastic surgery to correct specific bodily issues, most of us would likely draw the line at just one or a few procedures. And although we might agree that moving our bodies closer to our ideals provides a measure of happiness, would we really claim to be more spiritually satisfied? It’s hard to say. Physical suffering has long been affiliated with spiritual piety, and this is the connection made by Montag and others, while admitting that “it’s what’s inside that counts.” On the other hand, as a culture we do place great value on physical appearance, so perhaps, as the article suggests, we bear some responsibility for encouraging the surgery-obsessed.

Make Sure That Surgery is Right for You

While we can’t promise that plastic surgery will fulfill your spiritual needs, there’s no denying that looking your best can help make you happier and more confident. Contact us for a consultation, and find out if plastic surgery is right for you.

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