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What is the Right Age to Get Plastic Surgery?

Posted October 21, 2011 in General Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery News

The United States is currently witnessing a growing discussion about bullying among school-aged children, with many high-profile celebrities stepping up to speak out about this harmful phenomenon. Nonetheless, increased peer pressure has led to younger and younger people signing up for plastic surgery. A recent high-profile instance saw a girl of 13 getting a nose job in response to online taunts from her classmates. But how young is too young?

A Guide to Age-Appropriate Procedures

In a recent article, a number of notable plastic surgeons in the UK weigh in on the appropriate age at which to consider various plastic surgery procedures. Needless to say, the optimum age varies from patient to patient, but also from procedure to procedure. In the article, the doctors discuss procedures ranging from Botox injections (ideal age: 35+), to rhinoplasty (ideal age: 20+), to laser reduction of age spots (ideal age: 50+). The important deciding factors often have to do with bone growth and skin elasticity, and in general the body's ability to most successfully incorporate the surgery.

Considering Surgery Yourself?

As noted, the right age very much depends on both the procedure and the patient's individual body. If you're considering plastic surgery, contact us to discuss your needs and find out what's right for you.

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