Cosmetic Surgery For The Vagina Increases In Popularity

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Posted October 06, 2020 in General Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

It is often assumed that individuals are most concerned about having plastic surgery on the parts of their bodies that are highly visible. However, individuals often choose plastic surgery as a result of their own feelings about their bodies and not what others think. The latest phenomenon in plastic surgery seems to be true to this ideology. Individuals are opting to have reconstructive surgery on their vaginas.

The Female Body Image and Unique Plastic Surgery

Women may feel as though their labia are unusual in size or shape. They may compare themselves to other women they know, or those that they see in images. Women may not realize that there is no “normal”, or they simply may not have the look they desire for themselves. Effectively, the same thought processes apply to the vagina as well as any other part of the body.

Plastic Surgery for Personal Reasons

Women choose plastic surgery for a variety of personal reasons, as with vaginal plastic surgery.To discuss your needs, contact us.

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