How Do Celebrity Plastic Surgery Rumors Start?

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Posted March 01, 2022 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery, by Dr. Fiorillo

Celebrities often come up with different reasons as to why their faces and bodies change seemingly overnight. Since many celebrities live in image driven Hollywood, the benefits of plastic surgery can diminish any hang ups about esteem issues by a skilled surgeon.

The public and media tend to start rumours regarding plastic surgery. Normally it starts by snapping unflattering photographs of celebrities. Sometimes, these photographs are purposefully altered by the media to make the celebrity seem more unappealing than they really are. Although some rumours of celebrity plastic surgery may be true, most plastic surgeons are skilled enough to tell the difference between natural and unnatural changes to the human body.

Take Ashley Simpson for example. Ashley was often compared in the media to her older sister Jessica due to her larger nose. Shortly after a vast amount of media scrutiny, Ashley had a very public nose job. Pamela Anderson has had many obvious surgeries, and she has no inhibitions about sharing the work she has had done with the public. Heidi Montag, one of the younger celebrities in Hollywood, had a complete body makeover via cosmetic surgery, and is proud to show off her new body and face publicly. Tara Reid’s botched tummy tuck pictures ravaged Hollywood media, and yet at first she denied ever having anything cosmetically done.

Sometimes celebrities are open with the public about what they have had done on the operating table, and many decide to keep quiet. There are many surgery rumours that appear all over the media, and many of the rumours stem from the truth. Plastic surgeons can often tell the difference when a celebrity is fibbing about work they have had done.

Breast augmentation and tummy tucks are also very popular in Hollywood, as well as liposuction, face lifts, and Botox. Plastic surgeons can often provide a better insight to procedures and why people feel the need to change their physical appearance.

It is also important for people that decide to have cosmetic alterations feel comfortable in their surgical environment of choice. Plastic surgery clinics offer a discreet and relaxing environment for their patients, and can often answer any concerns that a candidate for plastic surgery may have. A plastic surgeon cannot discuss private information about celebrity patients, but if there’s a procedure done on someone you admire, we can help you get that look or one that’s right for you.

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