Bridalplasty Winner Has New Lease On Life

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Posted February 22, 2022 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

Bridalplasty Winner Starts Her New Life

Bridalplasty, one of the most unique wedding challenges on television today, closed its season with one lucky winner. The winning bride on the show will receive a hefty cash reward in addition to some plastic surgery. The recent winner, Allyson, had various procedures done on her arms, jowls, chin and flanks. She also received a breast lift before walking down the aisle to meet her new husband, John.

The greatest reward from winning the show is the surgical procedures and the celebrity-style wedding that the show pays for. Women from around the country compete on the show to receive surgical procedures that will enhance their physical appearances as well as their confidence levels.

In addition to surgical procedures to her body, Allyson also received veneers. After multiple trips to the dentist, Allyson reveals a beautiful smile that her new husband adores. Erasing her insecurities, the show has provided Allyson with a new lease on life. Having the plastic surgery was a dream come true. She now is proud to display her body and her self confidence shines through.

Plastic surgery can change a woman’s appearance, but it also does wonders psychologically. Safe surgical procedures are available to improve physical appearances while boosting confidence and allowing women to be proud of who they are once again!

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