Black Market Plastic Surgery Dangerous In The US As Well As Overseas

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Posted February 15, 2022 in Injectables & Fillers, Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

Most Americans interested in plastic surgery are aware that black market procedures happen overseas, and while they offer cheap alternatives, there are great risks. What many may not know is that there is black market plastic surgery happening on US soil as well where unqualified physicians are performing procedures, or using illegal and unsafe medical supplies. Over the years, a number of so-called medical practitioners have put their patients at risk – perhaps the most noteable being the case of buttox enhancement injectionsthat landed 6 women in the hospital due to severe complications. Doctors involved in black market plastic surgery are prosecuted once caught, but they are still out there as long as there’s individuals willing to take the risk for a cheap procedure.

You may found the price of black market plastic surgery appealing, but there are some risks that you face due to the following:

  • Black market plastic surgeons are often unlicensed or under-qualified to perform the services they’re offering
  • They may operate out of unsanitary and unsanctioned practices
  • The medical supplies they use are not always safe or subject to FDA approval
  • There is more limited recourse when a doctor is not certified, although criminal charges can be filed if something goes wrong

Just because a plastic surgeon operates in the US, doesn’t mean that black market surgery is any safer than it is overseas. Recognize that going to a r eputable, qualified plastic surgeon can save your life and give you the results you want.

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