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Posted October 22, 2019 in General Plastic Surgery, Health & Fitness, by Dr. Fiorillo

You’ve lost the weight. You’re feeling good. But, you’re not happy with what the weight loss left behind. Perhaps it’s excess skin, sagging breasts or simply a case of exercise-resistant fat. Whatever the issue, take a moment to consider this: What’s the next step?

If you think cosmetic surgery might be right for you, take a look at these popular plastic surgeries after weight loss:

  • Breast Lift: Like other parts of the body, the breasts can sag following weight loss. Breast Lift Surgery aims to correct this. During the procedure, we will trim excess skin and tighten supporting tissues to achieve an uplifted, youthful contour. A breast lift is also a common component of a “mommy makeover.”
  • Body Lift: In cases of extreme weight loss, Body Lift Surgery is a common cosmetic solution. The goal is to remove excess skin from the torso and upper legs. During the procedure, the skin is lifted, muscles are tightened and fat is removed where necessary. Although this is an extensive procedure, many patients find it well worth their while.
  • Liposuction: While diet and exercise might be enough for some, others find that they are suffering from persistent, exercise-resistant fat. In these cases, liposuction can often be the best option. The procedure uses a special suction tool to permanently remove fat from the abdomen, thighs and many other sites on the body. Following weight loss, liposuction can be that little boost to help achieve your cosmetic results.

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