The Best Breast Augmentation In NY

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Posted July 25, 2017 in Dr. Fiorillo, by Dr. Fiorillo

After a few months of discussing the idea of breast implants, my wife came to me saying she had been looking up plastic surgeons in New York City. We live just outside of New Jersey, and after doing some research she said she wanted to go to New York City because they had the absolute best plastic surgeons. I told her in the past that I wanted her to feel comfortable in her body, and that I would look into it with her. We stumbled upon a double board-certified cosmetic surgeon who is regarded as one of the top plastic surgeons in NYC. His name is Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo. With his years of experience in aesthetic medicine, he has been published numerous times in medical journals and textbooks. Our hours of research paid off, and both my wife and I were feeling at ease after our consultation.

So to any other women out there looking for breast implants in NY, make sure to check out Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo if you want to work with one of the best cosmetic surgeons in New York City. To any women out there that have sagging or drooping breasts from pregnancy and breastfeeding, or that are considering going up a cup size, think about contacting Dr. Fiorillo. He has made my wife the happiest I have seen her in years. Whether you are looking for a breast lift or breast augmentation, Dr. Fiorillo has you covered. No one should ever feel inadequate or uncomfortable in their own skin – and with all that Dr. Fiorillo has to offer, you don’t have to.

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