To Have Plastic Surgery Or Not, That Is My Question.

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Posted July 11, 2017 in Uncategorized, by Dr. Fiorillo

So I woke up the other day and realized that I was not completely happy body. I felt as if I just was not the person who I saw I was in head. I felt unhappy with my appearance and was not really sure what to do next. It isn’t that I’m lazy, I just work full time and don’t have a lot of time on my hands to be able to work out as much as I want. Then a friend of mine recommended I look up Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo and his MedSpa in New Jersey. I only live a few hours from there so I decided to make an appointment for a consultation and take the train overon my day off. Obviously I was nervous – I have never thought of any form of plastic surgery before in my life but I felt that it might help me feel like the beautiful person on the outside that I felt like on the inside.

During the consultation with Dr. Fiorillo, I was comforted by how knowledgeable he was answering my questions. It helped to quell all my concerns that I had about doing any form of cosmetic surgery. It was nice to know that I am not alone in the fact that there are things I want to change about my body. The doctor also referred me to his website, to check out any and all the treatments and procedures he offered. Which is everything from breast augmentation to a revolutionary new treatment that was just approved by the FDA called CoolSculpting by Zetique. It literally causes your fat cellsto freeze and then your body just processes and removes them. I was so very impressed with Dr. Michael Fiorillo and his staff that I will be recommending them for anyone who is in need of a cosmetic surgeon in New Jersey.

After all of the talking and research I realized that no one should feel uncomfortable in their bodies with all of the options available and such great doctors as Dr. Michael Fiorillo. I decided that rather than having cosmetic surgery done, I felt more comfortable with a non-invasive option.

I had the Coolsculpting treatment, in Dr. Fiorillo’s office in New Jersey (by the way he also has a world class MedSpa in New York City). Dr. Fiorillo and his staff could not have been more professional. I was able to notice a difference for the better as soon as the treatment was finished,and Dr. Fiorillo’s team was great about checking in on me before my next appointment. After a few months of treatments, I’m definitely looking leaner and more toned in the areas I thought I’d never be able to rid of fat. I’ve already recommended the Coolsculpting procedure to another friend. Overall this has been an amazing experience thanks to Dr. Michael A. Fiorillo and his amazing team.

Thanks Dr. Fiorillo.

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