Spanish Plastic Surgeon Battles With Google

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Posted December 21, 2021 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

In 1991, there was an incident between a plastic surgeon, Dr. Guidotti Russo, and his patient in Spain. The patient claimed that a plastic surgery procedure was botched. Years later, this story still appears on Google and the doctor wants the articles removed because the incident reflects negatively on his name.

The complaint from the doctor has resulted in 80 requests from the Spanish regulator, asking Google to remove articles that contain personal information about individuals. Google has announced that it plans to challenge these requests, stating that authority is being overstepped by the Spanish agency.

Five complaints that are being contested by Google were heard in a Spanish court in January, including the complaint from Dr. Russo. The court is now considering allowing the European Court of Justice to clarify privacy law in Europe.

This legal battle between doctors and Google is a topic of interest since many believe that the Internet should not retain personal data and allow it to be accessed by anyone in the world. The reputation of Dr. Russo has been compromised based on an article that appeared almost 20 years ago. This has driven potential clients away even though the doctor was cleared of any criminal charges.

Privacy is important to patients receiving plastic and cosmetic surgeries. To ensure your personal information is protected and these types of matters do not occur, contact Dr. Fiorillo for a consultation. Safety and honesty play a large role in patient satisfaction, which is one of the main concerns for Dr. Fiorillo.

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