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Plastic Surgery Saves Celebrity Relationships?

Posted February 07, 2023 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery Tips, by Dr. Fiorillo

It’s been speculated that both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have gone under the knife to keep their status as the world’s most beautiful couple. However, reported motivations for this celebrity couple to go under the knife, don’t just relate to looks; sources claim they are doing it to save their marriage. This celebrity couple was once known for having a lot of passion in their relationship, but with so many young kids and a busy work schedule, that may have fizzled out. There has been no confirmation that this rumor is in fact true, but it is possible. Plastic surgery can improve relationships in the following ways:

1. It increases confidence – men or women who are not comfortable with their bodies may not be willing to show it off to their partners. If they have enhanced a perceived flaw, their confidence increases and that can translate and effect the physical relationship of a couple for the better!

2. The care process can create a bond – following a plastic surgery procedure, family members are often relied upon during recovery. While someone is recovering, they may be forced to slow down and rely on their partner more than they did before, and that can cement a bond and bring people back together.

3. It encourages self-improvement – once people have improved their bodies, they’re more likely to be inspired to improve their lives. This reinvention can include putting more focus on strengthening a romantic relationship.

Plastic surgery can have benefits for couples, but it’s also important to ensure that when considering plastic surgery, it’s something that you want for you. If you do not have interest in a surgical procedure and do it just for your spouse, then the opposite effect might occur. Think about it carefully and talk to your partner and your doctor before finalizing your decision!

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