Exercise And Fitness Following Plastic Surgery

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Posted February 14, 2023 in Plastic Surgery Tips, by Dr. Fiorillo

After a plastic surgery procedure has been performed, many patients are inspired to improve their health to truly look and feel their best. For those who already lead active lives, it can be a struggle to remain stagnant during the recovery period. These tips will help you ensure that you remain safe and healthy during your recovery.

1. Understand the recovery period – It is essential that patients discuss the required recovery time with their plastic surgeon and understand the limitations they need to abide by. You don’t want to risk a complication, so do abide by the guidelines you’ve been provided.

2. Get activities approved by your doctor – your plastic surgeon will provide you tips on what you can and cannot do for physical activity during the recovery period. If you have interest in trying anything that has not been discussed, do make sure you clear it with your doctor first. recovery is complete be cleared by the doctor.

3. Do start moving – you don’t want to remain completely inactive after surgery. Follow your doctor’s guidelines and ensure that you are doing some exercise to keep your body in optimal shape. Simple exercises and stretching to other areas of your body not operated upon can help increase circulation and counteract effects from being less active. Walking can be integrated into your exercise routine as per timelines suggested by your doctor. Make sure that you do begin walking as instructed as this will aid in your recovery.

If you have specific health goals during or after your recovery, talk to the Wellness Center professionals who can create an appropriate program!

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