JWoww Speaks Out Against Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Posted August 18, 2020 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery, by Dr. Fiorillo

The famous—or perhaps, infamous—JWoww has recently spoken out, denying rumors that she underwent cosmetic surgery on her face. JWoww, born Jennifer Farley, is a native of Upstate New York, but it’s Jersey where she made a name for herself. An original cast member on MTV’s hit series, Jersey Shore, Farley became known for her tough-girl attitude. She has spoken openly about her breast augmentation, but recent rumors have been circulating on the possibility that she had work done on her face. Farley spoke out on the Wendy Williams show in an attempt to put these claims to rest once and for all. “I want to put it out there,” said the Jersey Shore cast member, “I want to prove everyone wrong.”

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Today

Even though JWoww is denying that she’s undergone plastic surgery on her face, it brings to light some of the cosmetic procedures that countless men and women turn to every year.

A handful of facial procedures we offer:

  • Rhinoplasty: Rhinoplasty is a nose surgery also known as a “nose job.” It is often used to correct or enhance a nose that appears too large on the face, has a bump on the nasal bridge, seems too wide or appears crooked. Those that are unhappy with the look of their nose often turn to rhinoplasty as a means of enhancing appearance and boosting self confidence.
  • Chin surgery: For those with concerns of a weak chin or a lack of facial harmony, implants are often the answer. Some patients with a particularly prominent nose have also benefited from chin implants, as they can aid in boosting facial balance.
  • Lip enhancement: There are a myriad of lip enhancements available to you. Some take the form of injections and some are accomplished through surgical means. No matter the method, lip enhancement is for those wishing to have fuller, more attractive lips.

Interested in Cosmetic Surgery?

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