Effects Of Poor Nutrition

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Posted March 09, 2021 in Health & Fitness, by Dr. Fiorillo

Dr. Fiorillo’s Wellness Center focuses on helping individuals lead a healthier lifestyle overall. Weight loss is not the only focus, although it is often a reason why individuals choose to enter a program of this type. Nutritional counseling is offered and can benefit all individuals regardless of weight. It is important that all Americans recognize the risks of poor nutrition.

What You Risk with Poor Nutrition

Studies prove that poor nutrition results in serious long-term effects, particularly when the habits are developed in children. However, health issues may occur at any stage of life when poor nutrition is a factor, for example:

  • Issues with bone density – osteoporosis and generally compromised bone integrity is a common problem when individuals are lacking calcium in their diets. Individuals often assume that milk is the only source of calcium, but it is a nutrient present in many other foods as well.
  • Learning problems – poor nutrition can directly impact an individual’s ability to concentrate. Studies also demonstrate that babies with poor nutrition are more likely to struggle cognitively.
  • Anemia – low iron is a common issue when individuals are not consuming enough leafy greens (or other sources of the nutrients). It can lead to fatigue and loss of appetite which furthers the nutritional deficiencies.

These are just a few of the effects of poor nutrition that can be avoided with a healthy diet.

Counseling on Proper Nutrition

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