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What is Rosacea?

Posted August 05, 2011 in General Plastic Surgery, Plastic Surgery News

Rosacea is a relatively common skin condition that individuals with fair skin often experience.

Characteristics of Rosacea

  • Rosacea is a condition that appears on the skin of the face. In more severe cases, it can appear around the skin of the upper body as well.
  • Rosacea typically begins as redness. As it progresses it may cause bumps and pimples.
  • In most people, it begins after the age of 30.
  • The condition is classified under a number of different subtypes that describes the severity. Subtype 1 is the least severe and Subtype 4 is characterized by a number of symptoms that go beyond the skin.

Treating Rosacea

If you have this condition, come inand discuss our skin procedures that may help!

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