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Brazilian Butt Lift

Create a rounder, firmer butt

Do you want a curvier bottom? Are squats and lunges not giving you the derriere that you hoped to have? Is your good diet and all the exercising not producing the results you would like? Do not be discouraged. A Brazilian Butt Lift may be the answer.

What can a brazilian butt lift do for me?

By removing the fat from unwanted areas of your body and transferring it to your backside, a perky, firm, round butt is possible. It’s a great solution for a saggy or flattened bottom and a good option for someone who has lost a lot of weight and would like to improve their shape. It can restore a more youthful contour, increasing your confidence to be seen in a bathing suit or form-fitting clothing.

  • How is a butt lift different from a butt implant?

    A butt lift uses the fat from the patient to create their new shape, providing a more natural look and feel. A butt implant is the insertion of a silicone implant into the patient’s buttocks, which of course will require stitches and comes with higher risk of infection.

  • Am I a good candidate for a brazilian butt lift?

    Anyone who is at their ideal weight, is in good overall health, and has enough fat that can be transferred from other areas of their body to their buttocks is a good candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift. This is for patients who are looking to re-shape and sculpt their bodies, as opposed to decreasing their body size. Be sure to make Dr. Fiorillo aware of any medications or herbal products you may be taking, as some can increase bleeding. These issues should be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Fiorillo. He has many years of experience and expertise to guide you.

  • How is the procedure performed?

    A Brazilian Butt Lift is performed by suctioning fat from a few areas of the patient’s body using liposuction, purifying it, and then re-injecting it into the buttock area. Not only are you improving the shape of your butt, the suctioned areas will be improved in contour as well. Most often, the fat is removed from the lower back, thighs, arms, or abdomen. The fat is placed strategically in varying depths, in different areas of the butt to get a natural look.

  • What is recovery from a brazilian butt lift like?

    In 7 to 14 days, patients can return to jobs that require sitting at a desk. Full activity levels can typically start between 3 and 4 weeks following the procedure. Some swelling and bruising is to be expected and will improve in the weeks after the procedure. A special garment will have to be worn for about 2 weeks after the surgery in order to reduce swelling.

  • What are the possible risks of a brazilian butt lift?

    As with all surgeries, there are some risks and potential complications with the Brazilian Butt Lift. These include excessive blood loss, blood clots, numbness, and pain. If you follow Dr. Fiorillo’s pre- and post-op instructions, you will significantly reduce any complications that may arise.


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