Our Team

Dr F - SquareDr. Michael A. FiorilloCosmetic SurgeonDr. Michael A. Fiorillo is a renowned expert in the field of cosmetic surgery. He is a double board certified plastic surgeon that has been published numerous times in medical articles, books, and textbooks. His proficiency has earned him the respect of plastic surgeons and the thousands of patients that have attended his practice in Rockland and Bergen County since 1998.

You can visit us at one of our two convenient locations in New York and New Jersey. To schedule an appointment or consultation, contact us via email or call at 845-247-5245.

our-team KARA RUSSO Care Coordinator/ Office Administrator
our-team LAURA CASTIELLO Billing/ Administrator
our-team EVE GALINSKI Cosmetic Consultant and Esthetician
our-team JULIE ALBANESE Receptionist
our-team MARINA WEINBERG Sr. Laser Technician
our-team Danielle DiMaggio Medical Assistant / Surgery Scrub Technologist
our-team Erin LaBerta Cosmetic Consultant/ Esthetician
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