Weight Loss Corrective Surgery Tips

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Losing a large amount of weight is something that should be celebrated. Unfortunately, a number of people who lose 50 percent or more of their body fact will most likely experience loose skin. According to NBC News, 21 percent of bariatric surgery patients undergo at least one kind of body contouring procedure. Dr. Michael A Fiorillo is a double board-certified plastic surgeon with his offices located in New York and New Jersey. Below Dr. Fiorillo shares his tips when it comes to excess skin after dramatic weight loss. 

Who would be an ideal candidate for Weight Loss Corrective Surgery?

The best candidates for a weight loss corrective surgery, according to Dr. Fiorillo, are patients who:

  • Have body deformity such as breast sagging, sagging skin on the arms, sagging thigh skin, and trunk deformities. 
  • Have lost all the weight they wanted to lose and have maintained for at least one year.

Dr. Fiorillo will not recommend this procedure if a candidate is still in the process of losing a significant amount of weight. 

How can one afford to pay for a Weight Loss Corrective Surgery?

Weight loss corrective surgery is the most effective surgery to remove excess skin. Dr. Fiorillo accepts a variety of financing options for his surgical procedures. If you are considering a weight loss corrective surgery, please contact Dr. Fiorillo’s office to request more information. 

Are there alternatives to Weight Loss Corrective Surgery?

There are skin tightening alternatives for those who have lost less than 30lbs. Corrective weight loss surgery is for candidates who has lost 50 percent of their body fat with loose skin around their body as a result. 

How can someone prevent further loose skin?

There is no way to prevent loose skin. Loose skin is like a stretched-out rubber band and will not return to its former state. Losing weight slowly may help with excessive loose skin. 

If you have lost a large amount of weight and have excessive loose skin as a result. First of all, congratulations! Losing weight is hard work and requires strenuous efforts, and Dr. Fiorillo understands that. Now it is time for your next step. Weight Loss Corrective Surgery is a procedure that will give you the body you worked hard for. 

When you are ready, give Dr. Fiorillo’s office a call to schedule your consultation and achieve the body you set your goals for. 

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