Botox Babies: Stars As Young As 17 Getting Their Faces Frozen

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The pressure to look young in Hollywood is intense, even when you’re actually young. In May Kim Kardashian nonchalantly told Nightline she hadn’t had any plastic surgery done, but admitted that of course she had used Botox.

More and more starlets are feeling the need to start getting Botox injections before their thirtieth, and even twentieth, birthdays to compete with the constant influx of baby-faced newcomers. But of course, no one wants to admit it. There are no significant dangers to starting Botox as a teenager, but starting the injections too early could lead to the treatments not working later in life when these actresses might want to start hiding some more serious wrinkles.

“No long term side effects have been reported. Some studies show that some people develop immunity to it though.” explains celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Fiorello. “Over time Botox doesn’t work as well as it does in the beginning, so after a long time of getting the injections, its doesn’t have the same effect as it did in the beginning.”

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