Three Types of Brazilian Butt Lift You Should Know

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Posted February 01, 2011 in Brazilian Butt Lift,, by Dr. Fiorillo

Most ladies looking to enhance their body shapes, especially the lower half, have the option of going for the Brazilian butt lift procedure. This is a type of buttocks augmentation performed by plastic surgeons with the aim of reshaping and enhancing the size of a patient’s butt to provide an attractive and a prominent rear end.

If you are interested in this type of plastic surgery, discussed below are the three common types of Brazilian butt lift procedures you may consider-:

The Butterfly Lift

The butterfly lift is needed when the patient desires to perk up the rear end. With this procedure, an incision is made to lift the excess skin and reshape the butt to appear in a butterfly-like shape. The only caveat to this procedure is that it leaves a lot of scarring, but these can be effectively hidden above the bikini line.

The Inner Thighs Lift

This is another common butt lift procedure performed by plastic surgeon on patients in need of more attractive butts. It is preferred to people who have loose skins or who have lost a lot of weight. The incision is done along the groin crease, thus making it easy to hide the scar.

The C-Lift

The C-Lift is a form of Brazilian butt lift which entails the butterfly lift, posterior leg lift and the Miami Thong as well as the tightening of the whole behind region. The scar left following this procedure takes the shape of the letter C, and it creates a further lift in the outer and upper parts of the butts. The procedure is recommended for patients with lots of fat or skin around the buttock region.

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