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The Quick Fix On Weightloss

Posted June 27, 2023 in Health & Fitness, by Dr. Fiorillo

We are all searching for the quick fix when it comes to fat-loss. But, the best way to loose weight and to keep it off succussfully is through diet motivation and exercise.

The slightest changes we make can overtime make significant changes. Below are 5 ways in which can help jumpstart your weightloss.

For better results, it’s best to incorprate a healthy diet and exercise plan into your daily regime.

1) Replace high sugary foods with wholegrains, and fruit

2) Choose lean cuts of meat (turkey, chicken, tuna, fish, lean red meat)

3) Drink plenty of water, and cut-out soda’s

4) Take 30 minutes a day and go for a bike ride

5) Include healthy fats into your diet (salmon, almonds, & avocado’s)

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