Plastic Surgery To Create More Family Resemblance?

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Posted November 22, 2022 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

A story in North Korea has brought about up a new debate about when and for whom plastic surgery is appropriate. While it’s been commonly used to boost self-confidence or improve perceived genetic physical imperfections; the idea of using plastic surgery to have more of a family resemblance is a new one. Kim Jong-Un, son of dictator Kim Jong-Il and grandson of Kim Il-sung chose to do just that, in order to gain more respect with an appearance that more closely resembles his dictator family lineage, or so it’s been speculated.

Not surprisingly, this decision is a controversial one and it takes reasons to have plastic surgery to new levels. In some ways, it could increase the family bond or the connection that individuals have in their families. In others, it may have a negative impact upon individual sense of identity. Of course, there is the potential that individuals getting plastic surgery for the family resemblance might be doing so for the wrong reasons if their intention is to please someone other than themselves.

Plastic surgery is a personal choice; is this a reason that you’d consider going under the knife? Weigh in on the controversy!

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