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Posted December 30, 2014 in MedSpa, Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

Dr. Fiorillo is known for staying on the cutting edge of cosmetic surgery and treatments. The newest is Human Growth Factors treatments. We have all gone to our doctors to have blood drawn or maybe even given blood for a blood drive or at a blood bank. Imagine instead, being able to have blood drawn, put through a centrifuge and then a portion of it applied to your skin or injected in specific locations, to promote hair growth or youthful, glowing skin. This is the newest medspa treatment offered at Dr. Fiorillo’s locations.

Human Growth Factors or HGF are concentrated tiny blood and specialized proteins that “communicate” with the surrounding cells by affecting the behavior of the cells around them. The treatments stimulate healing of soft tissue. In the area of cosmetic medical treatments, HGF can aid in the reversal of hair-loss for both men and women, rejuvenation of skin and healing of wounds.

Anyone who struggles with mild hair loss or spots of weak hair growth is a good candidate for HGF treatments of the scalp. If you are beginning to show signs of aging on your face, some wrinkles around the eyes, mouth or nose, HGF injections may be appropriate for you. Or maybe your skin has been damaged by environmental issues, sunburn, skin diseases, acne or poor diet, then a HGF facial may be a great option to heal and rejuvenate.

How are Human Growth Factors Used

The treatment can be done by injection or by application over micro-needled or lasered skin, depending on where the treatment is needed. After you have discussed the details of the treatment with Dr. Fiorillo and scheduled your appointment, you will be provided with a list of simple pre-treatment instructions. Your treatment will begin with drawing blood, just like for a blood test. Your blood will be put into a centrifuge to separate the plasma, tiny blood and proteins that encourage healing and growth. Your skin will be prepared, either with something like lidocaine to deaden the nerves at the injection site, if you are getting injections. Or you will get a laser treatment or microneedling procedure to prepare the skin for receiving the facial treatment. Then the injection or facial is applied. After that, you will receive post-treatment instructions and go home and await the results. Results slowly show over a period of about 3 months, as the cells grow and collagen increases. Repeat treatments generally should be about every 6 months.

Usually, you can return to your regular activities right after your treatments. There may be some redness, minor bruising, tenderness and maybe a rough feeling to your skin, but these all resolve within the first week. Always contact Dr. Fiorillo’s office if you have any problem, the staff is ready and willing to help answer any of your concerns.

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