Megan Fox Dispells Botox Rumors

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Posted April 20, 2021 in Skin Procedures, by Dr. Fiorillo

Celebrity Megan Fox is not new to the plastic surgery rumor mill. Her facial appearance has changed in recent years, which has lead to extensive speculation about what she has had done. The most recent rumors about this young starlet have been questioning whether or not she has been having Botox despite her young age. Typically celebrities take to the media to deny any speculation, but Megan Fox has chosen to use social media instead.

Megan Fox Says “You Can’t Do That With Botox”

Megan Fox took to her Facebook pageand posted a series of photos showing that her face does all the things you typically can’t with Botox. Within about 24 hours, more than 65,000 people liked the album, which definitely got the point out there quickly!

Megan Fox has said in the past that she is not opposed to plastic surgery, but that she has not yet decided to alter her appearance, and she is still young.

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