Katie Holmes May Not Have Plastic Surgery

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Posted April 06, 2021 in Skin Procedures, by Dr. Fiorillo

Hollywood is a town that’s focused on appearances, and many celebrities choose plastic surgery to ensure that they always appear young and attractive. There are some celebrities that claim that plastic surgery may not be right for them. Katie Holmes, for example, admits that her body is already changing (although she is only 32) and although plastic surgery is not right for her today, it is clear that her thoughts may change in the future. However, the starlet does mention that she won’t ever choose to have her lips done as her “sisters would kill her”.

Other celebrities like Julianne Moore and Sarah Jessica Parker claim that they will not be having plastic surgery – ever. Their reasons for this are interesting. They both claim that most people that have plastic surgery do not attain their goal of looking younger. They claim many look older after they have gone under the knife.

That can be true of those that do not choose a quality, reputable plastic surgeon. It is possible that as these women age in ways they don’t like, they will be influenced by positive examples of plastic surgery around them. It could lead to a change of heart about plastic surgery.

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