Facial Surgical Procedures You Might Want To Try

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Posted March 01, 2016 in Uncategorized, by Dr. Fiorillo

There are many reasons one might want to have facial surgery. Whether it is due to age setting in on your face or you are just unhappy with an area of your face. Dr. Fiorillo has been in practice since 1998, and though he specializes in breast implants and other related procedures, he is a skilled cosmetic surgeon when it comes to facial surgery. We offer blepharoplasties, chin implants, face and neck lifts and rhinoplasties. There is no doubt that regardless of your issue, the solution you are searching for is right here with us. Contact us to schedule a consultation at one of our convenient locations in New York or New Jersey.


No longer must you hide behind your droopy or puffy eyelids—blepharoplasty is a surgery on the eyelids to remove excess skin and fat or tighten the muscles and tissue. This surgery is not only performed on women, but on men as well. After the procedure, you will have a more youthful and attractive appearance that will brighten your entire face.

Chin Implants

A chin implant is best for those who have a weak or undefined chin. Adding a chin implant can make the face longer and create a more balanced appearance. Many patients choose a chin implant to go with a rhinoplasty. By doing this they achieve better proportions on the face, ending in a pleasing result. If you feel your face is unbalanced or are thinking about getting a rhinoplasty, also consider how a chin implant may compliment you.

Face Lift

A face lift is a surgical process to lift the mid to lower face and neck. This can correct deep creases under the eyes and between the nose and mouth. It also alleviates sagging areas of fat and jowls caused by lack of muscle tone. This is achieved by trimming the extra skin, removing fat and tightening the muscles. After a face lift you may look 10-15 years younger.

Neck Lift

Sometimes after a significant weight loss or from age, both men and women suffer from droopy, saggy, skin on the neck. A neck lift will correct this problem and give you a younger appearance. Often times neck lifts are done while receiving a face lift as well to get optimal youthful results. During a neck lift, excess skin is removed and the neck muscles are altered or removed. The incisions are usually placed under the chin and behind the ears to keep the scars from being seen.


A rhinoplasty is the medical name for a “nose job” and is the most common surgery performed nowadays. Seeing as the nose is at the center of your face, low self-esteem can occur if you are unhappy with your nose. A rhinoplasty can modify this problem by improving your nasal profile, changing a bulbous tip, and more. Usually, this is an outpatient procedure and lasts around two hours—and may be done as an open rhinoplasty with the incision made between the nostrils—or a closed rhinoplasty where the incisions are placed inside the nose.

Now you too can have that “born beautiful” look that everyone wants from a trusted and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Fiorillo. Schedule a consult today at one of our locations in New Jersey or New York.

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