DIY CoolSculpting | CoolSculpting At Home Doesn’t Work

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Posted March 18, 2014 in CoolSculpting®, by Dr. Fiorillo
DIY CoolSculpting | CoolSculpting At Home Doesn’t Work

DIY CoolSculpting | CoolSculpting at Home Doesn’t Work

CoolSculpting is a common technique for removing troublesome fat bulges without surgery such as liposuction. An alarming pattern is emerging as men and women take to the World Wide Web to read more about this body contouring procedure.

Those looking to save money on CoolSculpting cost sometimes fall prey to the various outlets that promote freezing your fat at home. The DIY CoolSculpting techniques they advertise are very unsafe and do not work. So, do yourself a favor. Before you try anything like this, learn about the risks of DIY CoolSculpting.

What is DIY CoolSculpting?

As the DIY CoolSculpting movement spreads around the internet, hospitals are reporting an increase in thermal accidents as a result of people trying to CoolSculpt at home or to freeze their own pockets of fat. On the web, there is disinformation stating that you can CoolSculpt at home with ice packs, subject your body to dry ice or wear an ice lipo belt for a few hours.

Every one of the hacks may inflict severe skin harm, resulting in significant injury that must be handled by a healthcare expert. Besides the danger, DIY CoolSculpting doesn’t even work.

You would not be able to effectively freeze the fat at home. Comprehending how the CoolSculpting treatment functions can assist you in knowing why this is the case.

How Does Coolsculpting Work?

CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared remedy for securely freezing fat away. The professional procedure relies on modern tools to reduce fat successfully and efficiently.

The body contouring utilizes a technique called Cryolipolysis. It essentially kills fat cells by subjecting them to controlled cooling.

The Risks of DIY CoolSculpting

Frostbite is one of the most frequent injuries seen as a result of people disclosing their exposed skin to ice packs. The reality is that ice packs cannot achieve or deliver the specific cooling technology and technique that CoolSculpting does.

When ice packs are put on the body, they lose their heat. As a result, there is no method to continuously cool the fat cells.

Besides that, using ice packs to freeze fat at home is lacking the necessary suction function offered by the CoolSculpting machine.

To put it simply, DIY CoolSculpting damages and freezes your skin, but doesn’t do much to your fat cells!

Do not fall prey to lies and endanger yourself. By getting a Coolsculpting procedure at a valid professional CoolSculpting provider such as Dr, Fiorillo, you can comfortably & safely freeze fat cells.

CoolSculpting Near Me

One of the most critical aspects to keep in mind when selecting a Cool Sculpting doctor is that body contouring involves technique-sensitive procedures. To get the best outcomes, you should be treated by a specialist doctor or a board-certified Coolsculpting technician in a laboratory equipped with cutting-edge fat-freezing equipment.

That is why men and women in Pearl River, NY choose Dr. Fiorillo for body contouring treatments. Fill out the online form to schedule a free consultation. You can also reach the office of Dr. Fiorillo by dialing (845) 842-1258.


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