CoolSculpting Applicators

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Posted February 11, 2014 in Coolsculpting, by Dr. Fiorillo
CoolSculpting Applicators

CoolSculpting Applicators

CoolSculpting is a fat reduction treatment that requires no invasive surgery and little to no downtime. This makes CoolSculpting the #1 noninvasive alternative to Liposuction. The creation and success of new CoolSculpting applicators led to millions of men and women flocking to this fat-freezing method.

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Every original line of applicators offers incredible CoolSculpting results by freezing fat cells to death. Each of the seven CoolSculpting applicators conforms to a specific part of the body. This allows the treatment expert to focus on specific body regions like double chins or upper arm fat. The new, improved applicators deliver outstanding fat-reducing benefits. Therefore, a more effective and safer treatment. This also results in lower cost and a more enjoyable experience.

The Cool Advantage Includes:

  • CoolMini
  • CoolCurve Advantage PLUS
  • CoolCurve + Advantage
  • CoolPetite Advantage
  • CoolFit Advantage
  • CoolCore Advantage PLUS applicator

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CoolSculpting Applicators | In-Depth Look at the Cool Advantage Collection


The ingenious development of the CoolMini now targets double chins. A painless 35-minute treatment may now dissolve away double chins. This is one of the smallest applicators in the collection yet produces fantastic results. The submental region is a problem area for many women and some men. Thus, the CoolMini reduces annoying fat deposits that tend to gather in the submental region.

CoolCurve Advantage PLUS

CoolCurve Advantage PLUS applicator effectively contours and shapes particular parts of the body. This applicator safeguards the patient from bruising and alleviates any discomfort. It treats problem areas like hips and arms. In addition, it reduces chest fat (moobs) CoolSculpting for men.

CoolCurve + Advantage

This state-state-of-the art applicator now addresses skinny narrow patients who grapple with fat deposits. It forms the patient’s natural body curves. This favorably sought-after applicator shapes bra lines, banana rolls, flanks, and more.

CoolPetite Advantage

The upper arms are problematic for storing fat deposits despite all the hours of diet and exercise. The CoolPetite Advantage CoolSculpting applicator targets this area and reduces jiggling arms. Moreover, this tool treats the upper arms, back of the thighs, and other troubling areas.

CoolFit Advantage

CoolFit Advantage CoolSculpting applicator produces extraordinary fat-reducing benefits. Patients now receive enhanced comfort when CoolSculpting their inner thighs with the CoolFit applicator.

CoolCore Advantage

CoolCore Advantage assists in reducing resilient belly fat. Employing the latest technology, the CoolCore now sculpts stellar-looking abs.

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The best way to learn about CoolSculpting applicators is to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Fiorillo, the leading CoolSculpting provider in Pearl River, NY. Dr. Fiorillo provides the best care for all patients in the NY area. With the right expertise in cool sculpting pristine-looking physiques, each patient achieves a dramatic body transformation. To learn more, simply fill out the form online or call (845) 842-1258 to schedule your complimentary consultation.


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