Choosing The Right Breast Implants For You

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Posted September 11, 2018 in Uncategorized, by Dr. Fiorillo

Once upon a time, breast implants were the type of thing that were only for Hollywood movie stars, top models, and rich socialites. However, these days breast implants – and plastic surgery in general, really – are choices that are viable for everyone. Here’s how to make sure you make breast implants NY choices for you if you’re in the market yourself.

Consider Your Body Type

It’s a common misconception that everyone who gets breast implants opts for a double-D. In reality, most women far prefer natural looking breast implants that involve going up only a cup size at the most. If you have bigger bones and a naturally curvy figure, larger implants will look better on you than they will on a smaller woman.

Consider Your Lifestyle

If you’re very active but thinking about looking into your breast implants NY options regardless, then you might want to think twice about going very large with your new cup size. Overly large breasts can make it tough to keep up with a very active lifestyle, as they’re hard on the back and the bone structure in general. It’s much better to go subtle with a more natural looking option.

Ask Your Surgeon for Advice

Ultimately, your potential breast implants NY plastic surgeon will know better than you will which of the many options would represent the best choice for you. Book your consultation today and find out more about which breast implants and plastic surgery procedures are right for your body and lifestyle.

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