Breast Reduction and Augmentation Procedures

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Posted November 06, 2012 in Uncategorized, by Dr. Fiorillo

There are many reasons why women come to our plastic surgeon. Principal amongst these reasons is the mental and physical wellbeing of the client. For example some may have been feeling neck and chest pain due to uncommonly large breasts. Others could be recovering from childbirth and trying to revitalize their sagging breasts. The great thing is that we are able to provide a tailored service that directly addresses the needs that have been expressed by the client. Our plastic surgeons try to find solutions that are uniquely appropriate to the circumstances of the person that has come to see us. Ultimately we try to ensure that the client is very satisfied with the results and that their safety is never compromised throughout the process. Through a stringent aftercare service, we are able to provide ongoing support to the client so that they can deal with any unexpected issues.

A Competent and Understanding Cosmetic Surgeon

It is never a good idea to simply undertake the procedures without the support of great professionals. You really need someone that understands how the latest technology works and the impact on you as a patient. For example men who suffer from gynaecomastia may require specific procedures which improve their overall appearance but they are also concerned about safety issues. Thankfully the cosmetic surgeons that we use have experience of working with a range of patients. Therefore they are never intimidated by the tasks at hand. A lot of work is done privately and therefore our patients are happy that our rates are quite competitive when you consider what the rest of the market is doing at this moment in time. The pre-operative consultation is a very important aspect of our work because it allows us to understand how and why the patient wants the plastic surgery to be done. It is also one of the best opportunities to provide reassurance for those nagging issues that the patient may not be sure about.

Normally we will ask for some photos and measurements in order to undertake a full analysis. You will tell us what you want and we will discuss the possibilities of removing a certain amount of breast tissue. During this process we help you understand the kind of preparatory work that you will have to do prior to the real cosmetic surgery. Moreover we may perform an actual mammography in order to get a better picture of what is happening in your body. The issue of pain is of concern to many people but we use general anaesthesia as is common practice within this industry. We would advise that you have someone with you so that they can take you home when it is all done. Normally you can expect to spend about 5 hours in the operating room. There will always be someone a phone call away to help you through the healing process in order to aid your recovery.

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