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Posted December 11, 2012 in Breast Implants, by Dr. Fiorillo

What is a Breast Implant?

A breast implant involves using silicone or saline implants to increase the size of breasts or restore breast volume that has been lost due to weight reduction, pregnancy or breast feeding. It is also called as breast augmentation or clinically referred as augmentation mammoplasty.

What Can a Breast Implant Do?

  • Increase the fullness and projection of the breasts
  • Help improve breast symmetry that is moderately disproportionate in size and shape
  • Enhance self-image and self-esteem
  • Can be used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy or injury.

Limitations of a Breast Implant

  • It does not correct drooping breasts. For sagging breasts, breast lift is needed in conjunction with breast implant.

Candidates for Breast Implant

  • Women who are physically healthy
  • Women who have realistic expectations
  • The breasts are fully developed
  • Women who are bothered by having small breasts
  • Women who are not satisfied with their breasts losing shape and volume after giving birth, weight loss and aging
  • Breasts are asymmetrical
  • One or both breasts failed to normally develop or are elongated in shape

Three Types of Breast Implants

  • Saline – Saline breast implant are filled with sterile salt water. It provides a uniform shape, firmness and feel. This is an FDA-approved type of breast augmentation in women aged 18 and older. If ever the implant shell leaks, the saline implant will collapse and the saline will be absorbed by the body and naturally expelled afterwards.
  • Silicone – This type of breast implant is filled with silicone gel which feels a bit more like a natural breast tissue. An FDA-approved for women aged 22 or older. If this type of breast implants is chosen, a regular visit to a plastic surgeon is needed to make sure the implants are functioning properly. An ultrasound or MRI screening can help assess the condition of the silicone breast implant. If the silicone implant leaks, the gel may remain within the shell or may escape into the breast implant pocket, but it will not collapse.
  • Gummy Bear – It is a form-stable implant. It still maintains its shape even when the implant shell collapses. The consistency of the silicone gel inside the Gummy Bear implant is thicker than the traditional silicone gel implant. It is firmer and less likely to break. Its shape is round and has more projection at the bottom and is tapers upwards. If the Gummy Bear implants rotate, this may lead to an unusual breasts’ appearance.

Important Topics to Discuss with Your Plastic Surgeon

During the consultation for breast implant, you can discuss these important topics with your doctor to arrive at the right decision.

  • Why do you want to undergo breast implant?
  • What are your expectations and the desired outcome?
  • Your medical conditions, drug allergies and previous medical treatments
  • Your current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, cigarette and drug use
  • Your family history of breast cancer and results of mammograms or previous biopsies

After the discussions, your plastic surgeon will then:

  • Evaluate your general health status and pre-existing health conditions or risk factors (if there are any).
  • Examine the skin quality of your breasts and placement of your nipples and areolas
  • Measure your breasts, including detailed measurements of the size and shape.
  • Take photos
  • Discuss the options
  • Provide recommendations
  • Discuss likely outcomes and any risks or potential complications

NOTE: Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon questions regarding breast implant. It’s very important to understand all aspects of your breast augmentation surgery. Don’t be shy to discuss your feelings with your plastic surgeon because it’s normal and natural to feel some anxiety on your incoming breast implant surgery.

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