Breast Augmentation

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Posted September 13, 2016 in Breast Augmentation, by Dr. Fiorillo
Breast Augmentation

To keep up with modern trends, women can get inserts to make their breasts fuller and larger. Dr. Fiorillo works in the New York and New Jersey areas, and has been practicing cosmetic surgery for over 15 years. He recommends that women in NYC who are considering breast augmentation come and speak with him so he can take them through the entire process and answer any questions or concerns.

There are many reasons that women in New York and New Jersey can benefit from breast augmentation. Following a period of weight loss or when the breast feeding period ends, you may wish to consider regaining lost size. Maybe hereditarily you have small breasts and wish to get them enlarged. However breast augmentation is not only for increasing the volume of the breast – it can also help you reshape them as well. Breast augmentation can help you achieve symmetry, while keeping the shape of the breasts natural. It is important for women in New York and New Jersey to feel not just comfortable, but also proud of their bodies, and breast can help give you the breasts and the confidence you want.

The Popularity

Some people decide to undertake this surgery in order to feel better about their body image. There has been one woman quoted that she was a B cup before she had children, and now she doesn’t even fill an A cup bra. She stated that she gets extremely discouraged and embarrassed when she goes bra shopping since there is never anything there to fit her.

Breast augmentation surgery in New York and New Jersey is rapidly growing in popularity and Dr. Fiorillo is the best in the area. We recommend the use of Gummy Bear implants for the most natural look and feel. They are the best available, not only to improve the size and shape of the breasts, but also to keep them feeling firm yet pliable – like they’re supposed to. Gummy Bear implants increase the fullness of the breast and also the projection. Many women find it startling to discover what is possible with the latest technology and a talented plastic surgeon such as Dr. Fiorillo .

About The Procedure

The procedure itself is relatively straightforward. It can be completed in one to two hours in one of Dr. Fiorillo’s New York offices. The surgery will leave minimal scarring in innocuous locations such as the underside of the breast, the nipple or the armpit, depending on the type of surgery. The surgeon will place the breast implant into a pocket on top of or below your chest muscle. Only a few days after the surgery, bandages are removed and a surgical bra is used. It is normal for patients to return to work less than a week after the surgery, and any pain will disappear in the first few weeks.

If you are considering cosmetic surgery in New York or New Jersey, look no further than Dr. Fiorillo . For the best advice and safest practices, Dr. Fiorillo is the only option for someone who wants optimal results with minimal fuss.

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