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Posted January 01, 2019 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

It is important to understand just what happens in breast augmentation NJ, so as to help make participants in the process well informed. Breast augmentation is the procedure of increasing the volume of the breast to make them firmer and fuller. The most common causes of this is a recent weight loss leading to the loss of breast form or even pregnancy.

The surgery for breast augmentation mainly makes use of silicone based products. The most common of these are either saline filled with silicone sacs and another that has silicone gel. The most common of these augmentation products is the silicone gel products as their feel is natural and mimics the feeling in a natural breast. These implants are placed under the chest muscles which are of great advantage, mainly in reducing the chances of post operative tightening around the implant, as there will be a muscle that supports that, and it makes it easier for mammogram examinations to be performed.

The most common area of incision is at the base of the breast, as this region reduces the possibility of scar tissue being visible. After the augmenting substance is inserted within the breast, the incision point is stitched and covered with bandages which aid healing, a few days following the surgery, there use of a special post operative bra is recommended, as this aids healing

Immediately after surgery of breast augmentation NJ, it is common to feel tired and sore. This is because the body has just undergone a strenuous episode and requires its fair share of rest. Following surgery, stitches are removed 10 days later, a time which is important to the surgeon to check if healing is progressing normally. The scars that might be formed ought to disappear in a few months time, barely becoming recognizable.

With the use of the above implants, complications have been very rare. The most common complications shown has been the rapture of the silicone bags. In the case of the saline silicone bag rupturing, there is minimal risk as the body absorbs the saline. The same case does not apply to the saline gel rupturing within the body. This requires a person to seek a doctor’s attention as soon as possible. The rapture of the bag is caused by a high impact object hitting the breast. To ensure overall health, it is important to schedule a breast examination every once in a while to ensure that your breasts are in the best form possible.

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