Asian Plastic Surgery Trends: Western Features Requested

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Posted June 29, 2021 in Plastic Surgery News, by Dr. Fiorillo

In Seoul, South Korea, some plastic surgery clinics are performing up to 100 operations a day to make Asians look more European. Patients are undergoing these surgeries because they believe it will make them look more beautiful in a society where you need to be attractive to get ahead. The trend demonstrates how culture can impact our decisions for self-improvement.

Asian Plastic Surgery Trends

Some of the common procedures Asian patients of all ages are asking for include:

  • Nose reshaping to elevate it and make it appear more “Western.”
  • Eyelid surgery to make the eyes appear bigger and more rounded.
  • Facial contouring to make round faces more slender.
  • Some Korean mothers are bringing their children in for surgery to get a muscle beneath their tongue removed. They believe this will help with English pronunciation.

In a culture where beauty and success go hand in hand, many of these procedures are seen as an investment that will pay off in a global world. Advocates against this type of plastic surgery believe patients are making a negative statement about their race. To learn more about this new trend, read the full article.

Implementing the Physical Changes You Require

The current trends in Asia may not be widely accepted, but everyone has to choose plastic surgery for their own reasons. To learn more about plastic surgery and the procedures that will help you meet your goals, contact Dr. Fiorillo.

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