Ali Lohan Denies Claims Of Plastic Surgery

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Posted August 25, 2020 in Celebrity Plastic Surgery, by Dr. Fiorillo

Ali Lohan, younger sister of the infamous Lindsay Lohan, is denying all rumors that she has undergone plastic surgery to alter her appearance. The seventeen year old aspiring model was recently the focus of heavy media speculation that she went under the knife at far too young an age. Recent photographs have caused many to believe that Lohan has had cosmetic treatments on her cheeks, eyebrows, nose and lips. Although the photographs are compelling, Lohan’s people suggest she was simply going through a growth spurt. Ali, herself, has also spoken out to deny the rumors.

Who is a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

The recent Ali Lohan plastic surgery rumors beg some interesting questions about what makes a good candidate for plastic surgery. Of course, age is a consideration. For nose surgery, good candidates are those whose facial growth is complete. For procedures such as liposuction, there are other age factors to consider, namely the patient’s emotional and psychological development. Lohan’s age was a driving force behind the recent rumors, but it’s not just age that needs to be considered. Here are a few other criteria for good cosmetic surgery candidates.

Good candidates for cosmetic surgery…

  • …are in good health.
  • …are non-smokers or are committed to not smoking for a period of time before and after their surgery.
  • …have had stable weight for six months to a year.
  • …are realistic in their surgery goals.
  • …have discussed all the benefits and risks of surgery with their doctor.

Considering Plastic Surgery Yourself?

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