4 Little Known Facts About Breast Augmentation

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Posted May 28, 2013 in Breast Augmentation, by Dr. Fiorillo

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure done by women across the globe. When planning to get your implants, it is imperative to be well informed about the procedure so that you are adequately prepared and be in the right state of mind to get the best breast augmentation results. Below are four little known facts about breast implants to help you demystify the rumors and the hearsays making rounds all around us regarding such surgeries.

There are only two types of implants

There are only two types of breast implants – saline and silicone. The choice of the implant can whittle down to personal preferences and it is important to discuss the pros and cons of using either with your plastic surgeon. Feel free to contact Dr. Fiorillo in our New York or New Jersey offices if you are interested in the procedure but you are not sure which kind of implant to use.

Knowing the right size is a process

Most patients considering breast augmentation usually have a fixed size in mind, but they normally end up changing their minds about the size after consultation with the plastic surgeon. During the consultation, the surgeon will take you through a process of testing out different sizes so that you understand how each will weigh and feel after the implant. This is done through what are known as “sizers” and they will help the patient choose the most appropriate size for the implant.

Scarring is minimal with most of the augmentation procedures

Most of the breast augmentation procedures take roughly two hours to complete and since incision is placed under the breast just within the fold or along the areola border, there is minimal scarring and the scars are always hidden once healing is complete.

The results can look natural

It is not always obvious that the results of a breast lift or breast reduction or any augmentation procedure will be easily noticeable. Some ladies may opt for sizes which will allow them to flaunt their assets, but there are others who don’t prefer dramatic or noticeable results. Recent trends suggest that women prefer small to moderate sized implants for more natural appearances. With the help of an experienced breast augmentation surgeon, the results can be as subtle as you want them to be.

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