VolumaLift and volumize aging away with voluma

Now doctors and dermatologists have a new weapon in fighting aging that doesn’t involve surgery. Introducing Voluma, an FDA approved injectable filler that is made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin.

When we age, volume loss can occur in the face from fat and bone absorption. Voluma is injected into the cheek area of the face where it adds volume, erases wrinkles, tightens, and lifts the skin while adding volume and fullness to the target areas.

What can voluma do for me?

When we lose volume in in our face due to age, the skin starts to sag which creates wrinkles and sunken areas of the face and cheek. Voluma is injected into those areas and can make you look years younger by adding contour and volume to the areas of the cheek where it was lost due to aging. Even the chin area can be contoured to restore your youthful looks. Voluma, made of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, also consists of elastin and collagen to improve skin structure and elasticity to create a smooth, young, and most importantly – natural look. The results of Voluma are instant and can last for 18-24 months depending on treatment.

Am I a good candidate for voluma?

Anyone who experiences sagging of skin in the facial area or notices sunken areas of the skin can be a good candidate for Voluma. Voluma restores fullness and volume to the areas that have shrunken due to fat and bone absorption that occurs with aging. Anyone who wants to reverse these signs of aging can benefit from this procedure.

How is the procedure performed?

The first part of the procedure is, of course, a consultation that determines where the injections should be given. As every face and situation is unique, Dr. FIorillo may determine that you need more than one injection. Before the injection, the areas of the cheek are prepped with a common local anesthetic such as Lidocain. Dr. Fiorillo then makes the Voluma injection into three different areas of the cheek; the Apex, the Apple, and the Hollow areas. The procedure can take 30-45 minutes depending on your needs. Icepacks are applied on the injected areas to minimize any bruising or swelling. You should leave our office with little discomfort and be able to return to your normal activities. It should be mentioned that one of the most notable benefits of Voluma is that the filler can be dissolved with a Vitrase/hyaluronidase injection should the patient be unhappy with the results.

What is the recovery involved with voluma injections?

While everyone is different and your results and recovery time might vary from other people, most patients find they are able to return to normal activities immediately.

What are the potential risks of voluma?

Every individual is different and not everyone will react the same to Voluma. However in a research study that eventually led the FDA to approve of Voluma was that the temporary side effects were tenderness, swelling, small bumps, and slight pain. Some bruising may occur in cheek areas where the injections are given. To minimize bruising before this procedure, it is recommended to avoid all aspirin, ibuprofen, red wine, and omega-3 fish oils. Topical numbing cream can be applied to the injection areas for any discomfort. Generally, the injected areas heal fully within 1-2 days. 

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