Puregraft Fat Transfer

Puregraft Fat TransferTransform your body shape with puregraft fat transfer

Have you fantasized about removing that stubborn, annoying fat from your stomach, and injecting it into your rear – for the perfect Brazilian Butt Lift?

Your dream can happen – now!

Dr. Fiorillo, the famed, double board certified New York plastic surgeon, is among the few plastic surgeons anywhere that offers Puregraft – the world’s only clinically proven tool to transfer fat safely from one body area to another

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What is puregraft fat transfer?

Fat transfer is an innovative technique used to volumize and re-contour your shape. Under the expert care of Dr. Fiorillo, the Puregraft procedure involves a small liposuction, followed by a special purification process, and then a re-injection of the purified fat into your buttocks, breasts or other body parts.

Yes, you really can, for example, get that Brazilian butt lift using that annoying belly fat!

Is puregraft safe?

Absolutely. The Puregraft technology uses a very gentle and highly efficient filtration system to safely purify your fat tissue. It literally scrubs your body fat – removing 97% of contaminants that can lead to inflammation or tissue resorption. This highly purified fat graft from your own body provides Dr. Fiorillo with the most complete control to sculpt your body with the most beautiful and natural contours possible.

The result? A long-lasting, natural-looking result that is safer, with faster recovery time.

How long is the procedure and recovery?

Puregraft fat transfer takes only one to three hours, and the recovery is from one to seven days. Using the revolutionary Puregraft technology, Dr. Fiorillo will minimize swelling and recovery time, so you are back on your feet within days.

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Do you want the sculpted body of your dreams? With Puregraft and the expertise of Dr. Fiorillo, you can have it. He is among the few plastic surgeons anywhere that offers the revolutionary Puregraft fat transfer procedure.

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