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Build Muscle and Burn Fat!

EMSCULPT® is the only treatment of this kind, which simultaneously builds muscle and burns fat and is the first non-invasive butt lift procedure.


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EMSCULPT® | Build Muscle & Burn Fat!

EMSCULPT® is a procedure that is completely non-invasive, utilizing High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology, which causes specific muscle reactions, called supramaximal contractions. The muscles’ response to these specific contractions cause the release of fatty acids which make the fat cells implode, and fat burning and muscle building are the result.

The treatment feels like an intensive workout, but the patient is resting. The treatments are usually about 30 minutes, with a minimum of four sessions, two to three days apart. The specific plan for you will be discussed with Dr. Fiorillo at your consultation appointment. Because it is completely non-invasive there is no downtime or recovery period, so you can return to regular activities after your treatments. The results are usually obvious two to four weeks after the last session and then they continue to improve for several weeks beyond that.

Before and Afters

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  • Who is a good candidate for EMSCULPT®?

    Anyone can benefit from this treatment, if they have stubborn areas where muscle will not tone up, no matter how many crunches or squats they do.

  • How can EMSCULPT® help?

    People are amazed at the results, as those with poor muscle development can now achieve healthy muscle tone, higher strength, and improved posture. EMSCULPT® can help resolve a condition called Diastasis Recti, which is the separation of the abdominal muscles causing a puffing out in that area. This often occurs after pregnancy.

    EMSCULPT® has helped many patients with these conditions, improving their health and their self-image.

  • Is EMSCULPT® safe?

    EMSCULPT® has been proven over and over to be safe and effective through seven independent US-based clinical studies. The results indicating a 19 percent reduction of fat, 16 percent increase in muscle mass, 11 percent reduction in Diastasis Recti, and 96 percent satisfaction in patients.


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